Project Description

Trophy Club Sport

Immerse yourself in the Caribbean with this pirate themed spray ground located in Trophy Club, TX just north of the Metroplex. This newly renovated spray ground owned by the city is a perfect way to act out your dreams of sailing the open seas and exploring for sunken treasure. Sunbelt Pools was brought “on board” to complete the renovation and turn the spray ground into an adventure by installing water features that include sunken ships, marine wild life, and a crow’s nest to make sure your loot stays safe all summer long.

Project Highlights

Sunbelt Pools Scope:

  • Lay out and Structure
  • Plumbing and Mechanical
  • Water Odyssey Water features and Slides
  • Coping, Tile and Finishes
  • ETS Ultra Violet Sanitation
  • Chemical Controllers
  • Filters
  • Startup and training

Owner: Town of Trophy Club, TX

General Contractor: Ridgemont Commercial Construction

Architect: Teague Neil and Perkins, Inc

Aquatic Consultant: CT Brannon Corporation