Lifetime Fitness Frisco

In the summer of 2021, we were contacted by Lifetime Fitness Frisco about their project that had been started. Due to the COVID shutdown, the project had been stalled for about a year, but in the interim, it became evident that the contractor they had initially hired to build the pool was not only incapable but in many cases completely incompetent. More than a dozen leaks were located below the pool, in walls, or below the deck requiring concrete removal for repair; in many cases, fittings had been modified or improperly glued in an attempt to make it fit. They proved incompetent in their construction practices as both competition pools had lengths that were too short, both zero entries in the leisure pools were improperly built and required remediation to meet standards and the design, and pool depths in multiple locations were just ignored not allowing for proper standards in slopes or the intent of the design to be met. In the end, we were proud to come to the rescue and develop a lasting relationship with Lifetime Fitness, and believe the project turned out to be a great success in the face of what could be disastrous. An indoor competition pool and leisure pool is available for members throughout the year for both recreation and fun. Each locker room indoors has a whirlpool as well as a coed whirlpool in the main area. The outdoor area features slides, play features, as well as lap swimming and a huge outdoor circular whirlpool with seats for 20+ people.

Sunbelt Scope of Work: 

  • Pumps: Aurora
  • Filters: Neptune Benson Sand
  • Sanitation: ChlorKing UV
  • Chemical Control: Paramount Chemical Controllers


Owner: Lifetime Fitness

Architect: Lifetime Fitness

General Contractor: Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness Frisco DETAILS:
  • Concrete Gutter
  • Perimeter Overflow
  • Slides
  • Spa
  • Zero Entry

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